Our search process turns over every detail and delivers results.


When it comes to creating successful, long-term matches between our clients and candidates, every detail counts. That’s why our search process leaves no detail unturned—and is key to our success.

1. The process starts with our client.
In order to find the right candidate, it is important that we first gain a deep understanding of the company’s needs, culture and philosophy.

2. Once that is established, our focus turns to the candidate. In our search for the right match, we go beyond the résumé, straight to a candidate’s core traits. We conduct an initial screening—by phone and in person—of all qualified candidates to evaluate and separate the “good on paper” candidates from those candidates who truly meet our clients’ needs, and who share their culture and philosophy. In other words: the right match.

3. We advance ONLY the most qualified and best matched candidates to our client to interview. If we’ve done our work, the client will make a selection, at which time we conduct a thorough round of reference checks.

4. The client makes an offer, and we facilitate the negotiations between client and candidate.

5. And, we stay involved through the transition—and beyond.
Once an offer has been made, we stay involved to ensure a smooth transition for both our client and the candidate. And we check in periodically to ensure everything is working well for all parties.

Let us put our process to work for you and help deliver hiring results for your company! Contact us now!

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