We fill your needs—fast: Marketing contractors plus communications, creative & digital experts

All of a sudden, there’s a need for an additional resource—that contract employee who gets up to speed right away. Handles rush or peak workloads with aplomb. A specialized, seasoned, problem-solver who’s up to the task.

We’re accustomed to filling this critical talent gap. Our team’s collective years in every facet of the marketing and communications industry give us the insider insight to locate just the right marketing contractors to mesh with your in-house team. And our constantly renewed, proprietary database of qualified candidates empowers us to respond to your needs with speed and agility.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Fast, temporary coverage for a departing employee
  • Coverage for leaves of absence, including maternity, paternity or medical
  • Temporary support for hiring freezes, workload peaks, or specific new projects
  • Establishment of need or proof case for an additional hire

Contract-to-hire:  We mine the long-term fit inside your short-term need

In addition to short-term contract roles, we welcome filling contract-to-hire positions for several reasons: Simply put, you can ‘try before you buy’. You get a great window into whether an employee’s capabilities and work styles mesh with your company’s culture and needs.

And you can take advantage of these benefits, too:

  • Get an edge on securing top talent before they go with the competition
  • Avoid expenses of full-time hires, such as health insurance, payroll taxes and unemployment
  • Give the rest of your team the opportunity to collaborate with and assess their working relationships with a potential new team member
  • And get a resource in the door faster than you would through the traditional hiring process

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