We’re here to find you THE BEST TALENT AND SEAMLESS FIT for your organization

Our clients tell us our proactive service and proprietary search process are “refreshingly different” and efficient for their businesses. Plus, our placement success rate exceeds 90%. Below are the defining values and benefits that contribute to our decades of success as communications and marketing recruiters and keep our clients choosing TorchLight Hire as the pathway to their best new employees.

Marketing and communication specialists

As prior marketing, PR and digital professionals ourselves, we know the fundamentals—both cultural and skill-based—that make for success in this demanding field. We’ve been there. That’s what gives us the edge in uncovering perfect talents and mindsets for your organization.

Comprehensive range of employment and position types

Clients appreciate flexibility, and we deliver. We can find any type of staffing you need, from contractors to consultants to full-time, career-path positions. And we specialize exclusively in marketing and communications talent—from creative and digital to traditional marketing and PR roles.

Experts on the greater D.C. market

Success on both sides of the hiring equation depends on the quality of connections made and maintained, and this is where we believe we outshine the competition. Our communications and marketing recruiters have longstanding networks built over the past 20 years, enabling us to keep our applicant pipeline fresh with superior quality candidates. They rely on TorchLight because they know we have insider access to premier clients and top-flight jobs. They also rely on us because they value the same highly-personalized service that you do. And our experience and knowledge of D.C. employers help us to find the best cultural fit for candidates and employers alike.

Proprietary process for quality and efficiency

Through ongoing recruitment, we continually develop and maintain our proprietary candidate database. This is how we can more efficiently pinpoint the best matches and save you precious hours of research time. Plus we do the majority of the recruiting and hiring legwork for you.

Fast-tracking your path to great results

Expeditious searches and quality personnel outcomes are what bring you the best business productivity with the least amount of stress. That’s what you want. That’s what drives our service philosophy.

What’s more, our large roster of long-standing clients lend proof to our service effectiveness.

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