Think you know Search Engine Marketing? Test your skills with our quiz and find out!

From SEO to paid search and more, this challenging Search Engine Marketing Quiz will test your knowledge–and maybe even teach you something. Good luck and enjoy!


Congrats - you really know your search engine marketing! From search engine terminology to PPC concepts and much more, you clearly have a good handle on key concepts and strategies. Keep up the great work.
Better luck next time. There are alot of great resources out there to help you brush up on key search engine marketing concepts and strategy. Study up and come take our quiz again!

#1. SEO sits at the crossroads of what types of of media?

#2. What is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

#3. What is a Search Engine?

#4. Which of the following best describes how search engines (such as Google) work as a business?

#5. What type of search is the following user search engine query? Example: “best humidifier under $100.”

#6. _________ is the umbrella term used to describe the practice of promoting results from search queries, either through _________, a common paid method, and _________, or organic site promotion.

#7. Which of the following industry related-keywords do you think have an average higher cost-per-click (CPC) for paid search campaigns?

#8. Ad Rank = _________ x _________

#9. During keyword research, which keywords are the best to target?

#10. Your company is looking for immediate traffic to its site and the lowest cost-per-click. Will paid search achieve these goals?

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