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Why You Might Be More Qualified for That Job Than You Think

Most recruiters will tell you that you shouldn’t apply for advertising jobs in Washington, DC for which you are not qualified. This is generally true. It makes little sense, for example, to apply for a job as a CMO when

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What It Takes to Land a Marketing Manager Role in D.C.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro ready to take the next step into management, or a current marketing manager looking for new opportunities, you need the right strategy to land a marketing manager role in DC.  If you’re ready to

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What Metrics Should You Be Measuring When Evaluating Your Email Marketing Campaign?

As every marketer knows, email is an important part of any marketing strategy. Effective email campaigns can increase sales, strengthen customer relationships, generate new leads, prevent customer attrition and control marketing costs. Results from email marketing can be easy to

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Looking for a Marketing Job in DC with Work-Life Balance?

According to the Washington Post, if you’re in a marketing job, you’re in the right field. Whether you’re happily employed or whether you’re seeking a new marketing and communications job in DC that offers work-life balance, you’re in luck. Glassdoor

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