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Fast facts to help you put your energy in the right places

Let’s face it. Recruitment resources are prolific and the process can sometimes feel like a maze to navigate. That’s why the sooner you understand what makes each type of recruitment resource unique—what they can and can’t do for you—the easier

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Marketing and Communications Professionals for Full-Time Web Site Analytics Jobs in D.C are in High Demand

As advertising and branding campaigns spread across digital platforms, TorchLight helps Washington-area businesses link up with experienced web site analytics professionals As the marketing and communications fields move increasingly towards the digital landscape, the skillsets of web site analytics professionals

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Freelance Creative Director Jobs in D.C. Present Challenge and Flexibility

With connections across myriad industries, TorchLight Hire works with companies and hiring managers in the Washington, D.C. area to identify and recruit talented full-time, part-time and contract creative directors. Could one of our clients be looking for someone like you?

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Unemployment is at a 7 Year Low – Get Ready for the Top Talent Challenge

Competition is heating up in the war for top talent this spring, but these three common hiring mistakes may be preventing you from getting the employees you really want. Whether you’re a spectator on the sidelines or a competitive athlete yourself,

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Are you ready for the Millennials? If you’re a Washington, D.C., company looking to recruit marketing and communication talent, you should be!

As one of the D.C. region’s top marketing and communications recruiters, TorchLight can help you prepare for a rapidly changing workforce Did you know that by 2025, Generation Y will comprise 75% of the workforce? According to a recent study

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