Need to hire a Market Researcher for Your DC Company?

TorchLight is the Washington region’s #1 recruiting company specializing in finding, recruiting and hiring the most experienced market researchers in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Whether you’re adding a new position to your growing marketing team, filling a full-time role or simply need some specialized expertise on a short-term, temporary basis to see you through an important project or initiative, TorchLight Hire of Alexandria, Virginia, can help you find the right talent you need.

Unlike our competitors, every member of our team has a professional background in marketing, communications and PR. We know the special skills you need in a market researcher, and we know where to find the region’s very best candidates.

Let TorchLight go to work for you right away today! We’ll  help you find, and hire, one of the area’s top market researchers to fill your DC office’s most important marketing and communications jobs.

Give us a call and learn more about the TorchLight difference and why we’re one of the DMV area’s fastest-growing marketing communications recruiting agencies!


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