Millennials are Taking Over Washington DC’s Marketing Jobs

Find out what this means for your company marketing and communications roles—and why this generation is impacting the future of business

Much has been written about the Millennial generation—their likes, dislikes, habits and perceptions. But the jury is still out on the impact Millennials are having in today’s work world. Fact or fiction aside, the new generation is here, and they’re filling many of the Washington DC region’s top marketing and communications jobs.

So, what does this mean for employers, hiring managers and the people who are working alongside this widely misunderstood generation?

According to this recent article, Millennials want work-life balance, flexibility and opportunity to make a difference in both work and personal life—yet what they feel is best for their life isn’t always what’s best for business.

>> Read the article – “Millennial Disaffection a Threat to Future Business Success

Fortunately, today’s proactive companies are developing strategies to benefit both employees and the business. The experienced team of recruiters at TorchLight, among the DC area’s #1 marketing and communications recruiters, regularly help companies and job seekers find common ground to make long-lasting, quality matches. Let us help you develop a hiring strategy that appeals to the next generation but also ensures you achieve your most important business goals. Contact TorchLight today!

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