Looking for a Marketing Job in DC with Work-Life Balance?

According to the Washington Post, if you’re in a marketing job, you’re in the right field.

Whether you’re happily employed or whether you’re seeking a new marketing and communications job in DC that offers work-life balance, you’re in luck. Glassdoor recently conducted a survey of the top 25 careers most likely to have the best work-life balance, and a number of marketing roles made the list. The results were published in the Washington Post:

>> Read the article here: “These are the top 25 jobs employees say have the best work-life balance”

How does your current job stack up?

If you’re ready to explore new marketing and communications opportunities in the greater Washington region and enjoy greater work-life balance, browse our open positions here. Check back often — New marketing jobs in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia are being added all the time!

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