Improve your retention rate with help from one of D.C.’s top marketing and communications search firms

Do you have the expertise to attract and retain your next superstar? TorchLight’s President Heidi Parsont shares her tips.

Filling your open D.C. marketing and communications jobs takes time and patience, but finding the right employee—the long-lasting, dedicated employee—requires thoughtful, strategic recruiting.

TorchLight CEO Heidi Parsont recently contributed to an article in SmartCEO, “Feedback, appreciation and benefits: How to improve your retention rate.” She reveals the key to recruiting is to focus not only on a candidate’s skill sets and experiences, but also consider personalities and culture. Reflecting on a job seeker’s character traits and ensuring a good organizational fit is the difference between making a match and hiring a long-term employee.

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>> Read the full article here.

As one of the best marketing and communications search and staffing firms in Washington, D.C., TorchLight’s business clients rely on their unique recruiting expertise to find, recruit and hire talented professionals. Contact TorchLight today to learn how we can help you improve your retention rate with savvy hiring practices. &

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