Goodbye, Corporate World. Hello, Solopreneurship.

More and more workers are  leaving the corporate arena to pursue independent work. Have you considered a career in consulting?

According to a recent Forbes article, an increasing number of professionals are leaving corporate America and launching independent consulting careers. Women are finding this career option especially rewarding—it’s often the work model they want and need.

>> Read the full article here: “Ready to Chuck Your Corporate Job? Solopreneurship is a Growing Movement for Women”

Women currently make up half of the independent workforce. While they aren’t limited by a glass ceiling and there is high potential for growth and earnings, women find the flexibility, control, being one’s own boss and doing meaningful work more fulfilling.

The top four reasons women choose to work independently include:

  • Flexibility (65%)
  • Control over schedule (64%)
  • Being one’s own boss (59%)
  • The ability to focus on doing what they love (52%)

Research by MBO Partners revealed 86% of independent workers are satisfied or highly satisfied with their life choice. They also predict by the end of the decade, 1 in 2 American workers in the private workforce will embrace career independence or solopreneurship.

So, just who is pursuing this independent path of employment? It’s actually workers with the experience and business know-how who find the benefits, challenges, rewards and, yes, flexibility that come with a solo consultant role.

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