Contracting Roles

Keep Your Skills Sharp, and Add Flexibility in Your Schedule, with a Contract Role

Whether you’re returning to the workforce after time away, in career transition, growing a freelance business or simply want more flexibility in your professional life, consider putting your marketing and communications skills to work as a contractor or consultant for some of the Washington, D.C. region’s most exciting companies.

Our clients frequently turn to TorchLight for help identifying D.C. marketing and communications contractors and consultants to join their teams on a short-term, temporary basis.

Consultants and contractors are beneficial to companies looking for:

  • High-level strategic leadership and expertise on a short-term or project basis;
  • Specialized skills to help launch a specific project or initiative;
  • Extra help to cover during a staff vacancy (such as medical and family leaves); or
  • An opportunity to “test out” a new role before committing the resources to make it permanent.

In return, as a consultant or contractor, you’ll gain:

  • Flexibility, with opportunities to work on-site or remotely, and the ability to pick and choose the assignments that most appeal to you and that align with your personal life.
  • Focused experience, through work assignments that allow you to focus in one—or several—areas of your expertise.
  • Meaningful work experiences and professional connections at many of the D.C. region’s growing companies.

In addition, we’ve expanded our contractor benefits in 2018 to include:

Health Insurance

We are excited to announce that all TorchLight contractors who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible for health care through one of our 3 group health insurance policies on the 1st of the month after two months of employment.

We have a 401(K) savings program for contractors who have worked with us at least six (6) months. TorchLight matches your contributions up to 3.5%.


Contractors who work at least 30 hours per week on an ongoing basis accrue a ½ day of PTO per month, up to a total of six PTO days for 2018.

As a W2 contract employee of TorchLight, you are not responsible for the self-employment taxes associated with 1099 consulting. We pay our contractors semi-monthly.

If you’re a marketing, communications or PR professional who’s interested in contract/consulting work, we’d love to meet you.

If you’re new to TorchLight, be sure to upload your resume to our database. We’ll contact you when a position matches your skills and qualifications.

If you are already part of our database, and nothing has changed since you first sent us your resume, no action is needed.

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