When it comes to marketing and communications hiring, the first interview shouldn’t be the first introduction

As one of the D.C. region’s top marketing and communications recruiters, TorchLight takes care of the important advance work to ensure a successful first interview

Interviews: They’re good, bad and ugly. But they are a necessary part of the hiring process nevertheless, and it’s essential for both hiring company and candidate to do it well.


As one of the Washington, D.C.-area’s top marketing and communications recruiting and staffing firms — and with a combined 40 years of experience — our veteran recruiters have truly seen it all when it comes to interviews.

In fact, we frequently point our clients and candidates to a great article that was published a couple years ago: “What’s Wrong with Interviews? The Top 50 Most Common Interview Problems.” Click here to view the article in its entirety.

Are you guilty of any of these? (If you answered “no,” you are only fooling yourself. But don’t despair—many of these are common pitfalls that you fall into without even realizing it.)

The good news is that, as your trusted marketing and communications recruiting team, we can help you have the best possible interview experience — and avoid many of the problems discussed in this article.

When you’re a client company, we vet candidates extensively before you ever sit down to meet with them. While other companies rely on the interview as a “pre-screening process,” you can get right to the heart of the interview with confidence, knowing we’ve done much of the advance prep work for you. We present to you only the strongest candidates with the right attributes for your culture and business objectives—The stronger the candidate, the more quickly they can contribute to the bottom line.

And, if you’re a candidate we’re advancing to a hiring company for consideration, our experienced marketing and communications recruiters interview candidates thoroughly so that we can accurately speak to clients about your skill set, personality, culture fit and other attributes. And we fully prepare you before your interview so you know what to expect and how best to present your skills and goals.

Our personalized service is what sets us apart from our competitors in the marketing and communications recruiting sector and ensures a positive first interview experience for both hiring company AND candidate!

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