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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Contact You
By Stephanie Ranno

LinkedIn Profile Optimization:  A Crucial Part of Your Job Search Strategy If you’ve found yourself by choice or necessity in the position of looking for a new job, we want to make sure you’ve got the best career tools in

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How Resume Keywords Can Help Your Job Search

During some downtime due to COVID-19, maybe you should consider sharpening up your resume and LinkedIn profile? Have you fully optimized your resume with the right keywords to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers? Resume keywords are crucial because

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4 Email Etiquette Tips for Your Job Search
By Samantha Nguyen

Use these email etiquette tips to communicate your professionalism When searching for a new role or preparing for an interview, you’re probably familiar with the standard best practices related to resumes, job interview, references and other key parts of the

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How to Sell Yourself: The Guide to Exhibit Yourself as The Ideal Candidate

Landing a new job takes time and attention. You have to be diligent about showing yourself in the best light to effectively showcase why the hiring manager should offer you the position. Without proper care, it is easy to be

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

Happy New Year from TorchLight! In the spirit of new beginnings, our team members put together our top recommended resolutions to help candidates like you kickstart your 2019 job search. Enjoy! Top 10 Resolutions for Job Seekers 1. There’s no

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Improve Your Resume With These 3 Recommendations!

Improving Resume in Washington DC | TorchLight

Your resume is a marketing document; it shows hiring managers why you are the best candidate, so it needs to make a stellar impression while giving them access to the most relevant information. While crafting a winning resume can seem

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How to Bypass the Resume Black Hole in Your Search For A Marketing Job In DC

Unlike in the past, when you’re applying for new marketing jobs in DC, many of today’s companies require candidates to submit resumes to an online applicant tracking system (ATS) or through an online job board—both of which can feel very

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Why Every Job Seeker Should Gather References Before Applying to Their Next Job

According to a survey of HR professionals, around 96 percent of employers perform reference or background checks during the hiring process. This means, if you are applying for a new job, you can almost guarantee the company is going to

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Managing Workplace Stress is as Easy as Following these 4 Steps

Stress is a natural reaction to experiences we have in everyday life. We know stress when we feel it and we know how it impacts us in the short term. These are the things you should know about the impact

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