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PEAK PERFORMANCE—It Happens When Top Talent Meets the Perfect Company Fit

As the area’s top marketing recruitment agency, TorchLight Hire has the connections, experience and service-centered mission to offer both employer and job candidates an exceptional hiring experience with a goal of peak performance for both.

The Success We Offer Our Constituents is Founded on These Unique TorchLight Strengths:

Specialization in the D.C. Market

Our deep knowledge of the D.C. metro area job market gives us a unique advantage to offer our clients and candidates. It allows us to be experts in understanding the nuances of the professional cultures within this specific ecosystem.

It also gives us an advantage in finding and mapping the best talent to a great organizational fit.

Depth & Breadth Across the Marketing and Communications Spectrum

From top down in our own organization, we have significant professional experience in the marketing and communications sector, allowing us to apply our seasoned insight to clients’ needs and candidates’ qualifications in filling positions of this type.

We focus exclusively on the marketing and communications sector, because our own backgrounds hark from this field—the majority of our staff has significant professional experience in one or several specializations within it.

We can handle staffing across the entire marketing and communications spectrum—traditional to digital to creative. Full-time positions to contract, and more. Browse the full list here.

Personable Service—end to end

We’re absolutely committed to working personally with both clients and candidates from the beginning of the process to a satisfactory conclusion. For us, career placement is as personal as it is professional, and facilitating a great fit of hard and soft skills to particular company cultures is our area of excellence.

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